Selected Titles


LUNCH MONEY CAN’T SHOOT, a young adult novel with Jack Pannell, Morgan James. Amazon Bestseller.




WELCOME HOME, BORIS AND MAMA, with Carey Neesley, a story of a sister’s struggle to reclaim her late brother’s dogs from his military base in Iraq. Readers Digest Books, August, 2013. The book was excerpted in Readers Digest Magazine in September, 2013.


ROCK YOUR BUSINESS! Turning Your Idea Into Reality...Satisfaction...And A Whole Lot Of Cold, Hard Cash, with David Fishof, founder of the Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy Camp. Published in October, 2012 by BenBella Books. National best- seller and #1 Amazon Kindle business bestseller.

THE REAL RULES OF LIFE with Ken Druck. (developmental editor). Ken is a nationally recognized authority on recovering from grief and loss and has worked with the 9/11 firefighters’ widows, the Flight 800 families, and countless families who underwent tragic and sudden loss. Published by Hay House, Spring, 2012.

NASCAR NATION How Racing’s Values Mirror The Nation’s, with Fox Sports Reporter Chris Myers. Published by Random House in October, 2012.

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, SELL!, with David Oliphant, a business fable about a Marine who makes a career for himself in sales...without compromising his integrity. Published in Spring, 2012 by Readers Digest Books.


GIANTS, with Pat Summerall, published in October, 2010 by John Wiley & Sons, detailing Summerall’s experiences when he was coached by Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi in the same 1958 season with the New York Giants.

RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, with Chad Hennings, 3-time Super Bowl winner with the Dallas Cowboys and a fighter pilot in the first Gulf War, who flew 45 humanitarian missions to the Kurds. Published in January, 2010 by FaithWorks.


WHERE’S MY FIFTEEN MINUTES? HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA AGE, with famed Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman, published in 2009 by Penguin/Portfolio Books. Howard Bragman has represented everyone in Hollywood from Sinatra to Madonna and is a frequent guest on Larry King Live, CNN, and throughout the media. The book reached #10 on the national Barnes&Nobel.com best- sellers list.

THE STICKING POINT, with Jay Abraham, America’s leading marketing guru. Published in 2009 by Vanguard Books. The book reached #2 on several amazon.com business bestseller lists.

PERSONAL FOUL, by Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee convicted of feeding information about NBA games to the Mafia. National bestseller.  Featured on 60 Minutes.

GHOSTWRITTEN NOVEL, which became a hit TV series on ABC.

MAKING JACK FALCONE with Joaquin Garcia, the true story of the FBI agent who infiltrated the Mafia and took down the top 32 members of the Gambino crime family. Published by Simon and Schuster/Touchstone in 2008. This book was optioned in 2007 by Paramount for Steven Soderbergh, director of Traffic, Erin Brockovich, and Ocean’s 11. It was featured on 60 Minutes in October, 2008 and is a New York Times bestseller. Soderbergh most recently renewed the option on the book in April, 2013.


DROPPING THE BALL with Hall-of-Fame baseball player Dave Winfield, published with Scribner in March, 2007, and reached #2 on the Los Angeles Times nonfiction best seller list. The New York Times called it “unusually thoughtful,” the Boston Globe called it “eloquent,” and it was deemed “recommended reading” in Esquire Magazine. National bestseller.

NO ORDINARY LOVE, with NBA star Doug Christie and his wife Jackie Christie.


BANKING ON OUR FUTURE, with Operation Hope founder Ambassador John Bryant. Beacon Press.


Reviews of Michael’s Books

Outrageous...passionate...funny...entertaining...satirically engaging...so amusingly complex that one can't help getting caught up by its machinery." The New York Times, Christopher Lehmann-Haupt

"Levin's verbal humor glistens." The New Yorker

"Lively with the indignation of a bright young man whose time has been wasted." The Washington Post

"You needn't have attended law school to fall in love with The Socratic Method." San Francisco Chronicle

"Levin satirizes as effectively as Calvin Trillin and Kingsley Amis." People Magazine 

"A marvelously complex plot...A thoroughly good time." The New York Times Book Review

"Irresistible...It's hard not to get caught up in the frenzy." Los Angeles Times 

"The plot lines are ingeniously and meticulously drawn." Cleveland Plain Dealer 

"A master of complex plotting." Booklist

One of Michael’s New York Times opinion pieces was anthologized in a college textbook on writing.

“Michael Levin created a book that drives serious revenue for our company.
Totally impressed. We’re the world leader in Project Management and our new book
makes our positioning and usefulness clear to the world.”
— Wes Balakian CEO, True Solutions Inc.

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1. We don't buy stories. No matter how compelling a story may be, we are not a traditional publisher looking for stories to publish. Instead, we offer ghostwriting services for a fee. 

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