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Our Books Make Our Clients Happy, Famous, Trusted, And Rich.

You have a story to tell, a business case to make, a family history to capture.

Your book is the ultimate leave-behind on sales calls, the best way to record the culture of the enterprise you’ve built, and your legacy for your family.

“Michael Levin is America’s greatest ghostwriter.” – Jay Abraham, marketing guru.

Why do something so important with anyone else?

“Michael Levin is my first-round draft choice.” – Dave Winfield, who wrote the national bestseller “Dropping The Ball” with Michael.

“Thank you, Michael Levin, for making my best work even better.” – Zig Ziglar

“My co-author, Michael Levin, was the first person to realize that a book about the lessons from my time with coaches Tom Landry and Vince Lombardi could be a success. I enjoyed our interviews, and I respect his knowledge of football.” —Pat Summerall, Broadcasting Legend

“Writing a book with Michael Levin has been the single biggest accomplishment of my professional career and has elevated me to an elite status in my industry I couldn’t have reached so quickly without your help.” —Tate Groome CEO, Colton Groome & Company

You’ve been seen everywhere. Now it’s time to be heard.

Your journey toward authorship starts here.

New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Levin

New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Levin



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“Hiring Michael Levin to help me get a book out was the smartest thing I’ve ever done for marketing my business. Not only does it help build credibility and save us a ton of time in educating new clients on how we do things, he made the process of writing the book fun. I think clients are very proud to work with someone who has published a book, and they routinely give it to others that they think should work with us.”
— Steve Morton Financial planner, author, Ten Common Mistakes Retirees Make

Areas of Practice

Financial Services

Michael has written compliance-friendly books as marketing tools for more than one hundred financial services and insurance professionals across the country. His biggest gift is to guide in terms of positioning, so that the uniqueness of each author becomes clear to prospective clients.

sports and broadcasting

Michael’s clients include baseball Hall of Fame Dave Winfield, football legend Pat Summerall, Fox Sport Broadcaster Chris Myers, NFL stars Maurice Jones-Drew and three time Super Bowl winner Chad Hennings and NBA star Doug Christie. An accomplished marathoner and triathlete, Michael is the right choice for books about sports.

CEO’s and Business OWners

Michael has written dozens of books that capture the culture of new, established, and rapidly growing enterprises. There’s nothing like a book to explain your unique vision to all stakeholders, clients, prospects, potential new hires, regulators and everyone else in your world.


The New Yorker has written “Levin’s verbal word play glistens”. His comic novels have won rave reviews in other outlets including People Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The San Francisco Chronicle and the Chicago Tribune. If you’ve got an idea for something funny, Michael’s your man.


Michael’s renowned ability to capture a life on paper is unparalleled in the industry. Whether it’s your life story, your business memoir, or a gift for loved ones, why go anywhere else?


Michael received his J.D. from Columbia Law School and worked for two top Boston law firms before opening his own writing business. Simon and Schuster published his first novel, The Socratic Method, a satire about law school, a title which won rave reviews in The New York Times and across the country. Michael understands the inner workings of law firms as do few other ghosts.


Michael has been writing screenplays -very quietly - for some of the top figures in the entertainment and political worlds for decades. If you have a story that opens up as a movie or TV movie, let's talk.

Book Proposals

You want to get a deal with a major New York book publisher. Michael's clients have repeatedly received six-figure deals with the top publishing houses in the nation--Simon and Schuster, Random House, Penguin, Wiley, and many others. Michael also works with many of the top literary agents and can make great connections for you.

Medicine and Dentistry

Doctors and dentists have turned to Michael for decades to write their books that explain what makes them unique and attractive to new patients.  Michael has also written books for those who consult to doctors and dentists – references available upon request.



“You’ve been seen everywhere.
Now it’s time to be heard.”
— New York Times Bestselling Author Michael Levin