Business Fables

The easiest, most powerful way to build your platform, create authority, drive business and attract new clients, get speaking engagements, and separate yourself from the competition.

Why A Business Fable?

They’re the easiest, most powerful way to build your platform, create authority, drive business and attract new clients, get speaking engagements, and separate yourself from the competition. And they’re fun.

Why Michael For Your Business Fable?

Michael Levin has ghostwritten more business fables than probably any writer alive.  In addition, he’s published five novels of his own – three with Simon & Schuster and two with Penguin/Putnam.  His work has been optioned and/or made by ABC, Disney, Paramount, and Steven Soderbergh – so he knows how to tell a story!

Also, if you’re going to hire a writer to do a business fable, you need one who understands the business world.

As an entrepreneur, Michael started and sold his prior ghostwriting company,  Maybe you saw his Shark Tank episode! (Season 3, episode 1)

In his 30+ years as a ghostwriter, Michael has planned, written, or edited more than 800 business books … including two New York Times best sellers and an Amazon Kindle #1 business best seller.

Michael’s clients have ranged from CEOs like Alan Mullaly (former CEO of Boeing and Ford), financial services professionals at firms including Morgan Stanley, top business consultants, broadcasters including Chris Myers, Pat Summerall, and Leeza Gibbons, NFL athletes including Chad Henning, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Ben Watson, Baseball Hall of Famer Dave Winfield, and many more.

What’s Michael’s Process?

First comes the “test drive” phase. You and Michael will brainstorm on several phone or Zoom calls to determine the lessons the book will teach, the story the book will tell, and the characters in the story. Michael will then write the first 20 pages for your review and you’ll edit them with him. If you’re happy with what you see, then you’ll go forward to complete the book. If not, you can use the plan and the work with another writer and owe nothing further.

How Long Does It Take?

The whole process takes 90 to 120 days.

How Much Does It Cost?

Business fables start at $75,000 for up to 150 double spaced pages. Longer books require higher fees.

The fee for the test drive is $10,000.

The test drive fee is deducted from the final fee, should you decide to go ahead, and the overall fee is typically broken up into four or five monthly installments. ACH and checks are accepted, although most clients prefer to use credit cards (so they can get points/miles for becoming an author!).

We offer a 5% courtesy discount if you want to do the book as a one-pay, and we also offer 0% financing for six months through PayPal.

The final “deliverable” is the complete manuscript, copy edited and ready to publish. Michael will guide you in the publishing process and introduce you to the publishers with whom he has worked repeatedly.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’d like to get going on your fable, call Michael directly at 617.543.3747 or email him at

What People Say About Michael Levin

Angela HarrelsonMichael Levin is the go to guy for socially conscious (but not necessarily politically correct) nonfiction, fiction, and memoirs.
— Angela Harrelson, George Floyd’s aunt and closest relative in Minnesota
Alan MulallyMichael is a good guy and a fine writer to work with.
— Alan Mullaly / Former CEO of Boeing & Ford
Zig ZiglarThank you, Michael Levin, for making my best work even better.
— Zig Ziglar / Legendary Author
Steve MortonHiring Michael Levin to help me get a book out was the smartest thing I’ve ever done for marketing my business.
— Steve Morton / Financial Advisor
Tate GroomeWriting a book with Michael Levin has been the single biggest accomplishment of my professional career and has elevated me to an elite status in my industry—I couldn’t have reached so quickly without Michael’s help.
—Tate Groome CEO, Colton Groome & Company
Scott TurowMichael Levin is a discerning and kind writing coach who has won consistent plaudits from the many persons I’ve sent his way.
—Internationally Best-selling Author Scott Turow

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