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Books by NY Times best-selling author Michael Levin have touched the lives of millions. Shouldn’t you work with the world’s most experienced ghostwriter?

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Michael Levin Writes

What People Say About Michael Levin

Michael Levin is the Michael Jordan of ghostwriting.
— Best selling author and consultant Larry R. Olsen,
CEO & Founder of Larry Olsen Live & Aperneo
Michael Levin is an industry transformer.
— Shannon Waller, Strategic Coach
Jay AbrahamSimply the best and most accomplished ghostwriter in the English-speaking world
— Marketing Guru Jay Abraham
Zig ZiglarThank you, Michael Levin, for making my best work even better.
— Zig Ziglar / Legendary Author
Steve MortonHiring Michael Levin to help me get a book out was the smartest thing I’ve ever done for marketing my business.
— Steve Morton / Financial Advisor
Tate GroomeWriting a book with Michael Levin has been the single biggest accomplishment of my professional career and has elevated me to an elite status in my industry—I couldn’t have reached so quickly without Michael’s help.
—Tate Groome CEO, Colton Groome & Company
Scott TurowMichael Levin is a discerning and kind writing coach who has won consistent plaudits from the many persons I’ve sent his way.
—International Best-selling Author Scott Turow

Michael brings years proven experience, accomplishment, empathy and a deep listening to uncover the stories people don’t even know they want to tell.
—David Dowd, Founder of Career Coaching

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You’ve Been Seen Everywhere.
Now It’s Time To Be Heard.

Michael Levin’s Unique 5-Step Process

1—You And I, Not You And AI
Be heard as never before. Clients say I’m the best listener in the business. I’ve written more books in more verticals than any ghostwriter alive, so I know what people in your world are saying … and what ideas are uniquely yours. The process of planning, interviewing, and writing process is delightfully human–it’s you and I, not you and AI.

2—I.D. Your I.P.
Own what’s yours — the key ideas that bring you the most success, revenue, and acclaim, and order and explain them in a way that makes you irresistible to your market.

3—It’s Ghostwriting, Not Boast-Writing
You are doing a service to the world — not giving into ego and vanity. You are putting your hard-won knowledge and experience into service for readers you may never meet (not to mention the ones who decide to hire you before they’re halfway through the book)

4—24 Hours To Authorship
I only work with people who are too busy to talk to me. If your time is extremely valuable, and whose isn’t, you need a process that takes less than 24 hours of your time — one hour to plan the book; 10-12 hours of interview time; six hours to review the chapters and the complete manuscript; and four hours of your time on the production/distribution side. Your book … all in a day’s work (just one day of your time, a lot more of mine!).

5—Your Book, Your eBook, Your Audiobook … In Your Hands, On Amazon, Even in Bookstores And Airport Bookstores
Forget the proverbial stack of books in the garage. Unlike most ghosts, I oversee the production, publishing, distribution, and marketing of your book. Your final deliverable can be your book on Amazon, your book in bookstores, you and your book on podcasts, TV, social media.


Full Service Packages

Unique among ghostwriters, Michael is able to provide his clients outstanding publishing services, Simon & Schuster distribution into brick-and-mortar bookstores (and even airport bookstores), as well as the highest quality book marketing.

The basic packages are below, although we can certainly tailor something to your specific needs. Here are the ghostwriting and publishing packages for your consideration:


  • Writing, publishing and distribution on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com
  • 100 copies, hardcover or paperback
  • Up to 200 pages in length


  • Writing, publishing and distribution on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com
  • 100 copies, hardcover or paperback
  • Up to 250 pages in length
  • Simon & Schuster distribution into brick and mortar bookstores
  • Book marketing campaign


  • Writing, publishing and distribution on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com
  • 250 copies, hardcover or paperback
  • Up to 300 pages in length
  • Simon & Schuster distribution into brick and mortar bookstores
  • Marketing campaign to media
  • Airport bookstore distribution

For Financial Services Professionals

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