9 Reasons

Why Michael Should Be Your Ghost

1.    Broad experience across all aspects of business, finance and society.  Michael has written, edited, or planned more than 700 books in all fields, including business, entrepreneurship, management, finance, medicine, dentistry, sports, leading speakers, broadcasting, technology, law, religion, memoirs, and the entertainment world.  You don’t want to pay to educate your writer about your field.  

2.    Quality.  Michael’s work has earned highest praise from The New Yorker, The New York Times, Newsweek, People Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Esquire, the San Francisco Examiner, Publishers Weekly, and many other top national outlets.  He has written two New York Times bestsellers and 18 national bestsellers in all.

3.    Language across all platforms.  The language Michael creates for you can be repurposed as everything from your elevator pitch to blog posts to keynotes to your website.  He’s always asking how he can create language that maximizes marketing opportunities for his clients.

4.    Speed.  You don’t want to wait six or nine months or a year for your book.  In most cases, projects are complete in three to four months.  

5. Business Fables?  Yeah, we do that.   Michael’s work has been optioned and/or made by Disney, Steven Soderberg, Paramount, HBO, and ABC. A novel he ghostwrote became an ABC TV series. Michael knows how to write Hollywood-friendly business fables and memoirs. Michael has a strong background in fiction, having published three of his own novels with Simon & Schuster, two more with Putnam/Berkley, and many business fables for his clients.  

6. Broad connections to Hollywood and top New York literary agents.  If your project has movie or TV potential and/or commercial appeal for a New York publisher, Michael has broad experience getting his clients agents and deals.

7. Publish quickly and easily with our publishing partner, Redwood Digital Publishing.  Your book can be in your hands and on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.com as a physical book, hardcover or paperback, and an eBook, within 60 to 90 days of completion, with Michael’s trusted publishing partner, Redwood Digital.  You keep all the publishing revenue – when you use Michael Levin Writing Company and Redwood Digital, you get 100% of the royalties, and you can print as few or as many copies as you want, whenever you want.

8. Confidentiality.   Everything you share with Michael and his team, and their role in the creation of your book, is held in strict confidence.  In 25 years, they have never had a single break in confidentiality. 

9. A simple and clear fee structure.  Our fees are as follows: 

For business books as marketing tools, $35,000, for up to 100 pages; $45,000, up to 150 pages; and $55,000, up to 200 pages.

For memoirs or longer works:  $65,000, up to 250 pages; $75,000, up to 300 pages; and $85,000, up to 350 pages. 

Audiobooks of any length are an additional $4,500.

No upsells, no surprises, no gimmicks, no complications.