Can You Trust What You Read Online About Writing?

The Internet is jammed with information and guidance about writing and publishing.  The problem is that a lot of that information and guidance is just plain wrong.

You can’t trust everything you read online.  Sometimes people are providing guidance that is so specific to their own personal experiences that it has no real usefulness to other people.


This happens frequently with lists of “rules” for writing.  The problem with “rules” is that in fiction writing, that aren’t any rules that apply universally to all writers.  So people are trying to codify a process that refuses to be pigeonholed.

Sometimes well-meaning people post information about getting a literary agent or working with a publisher, but the information is ten years out of date and therefore unhelpful.

They’ll talk about sending work to agents…without advising readers to beware agents charging reading fees.

They’ll talk about getting deals with major publishers…without an awareness of the fact that major publishers are publishing very, very few new novelists.

Or they’ll talk about writing in such broad stroke ways that there’s no practical guidance for writers.

I’ve been publishing books for more than 30 years.  I’ve published with most of the top New York publishing houses, served on the Authors Guild Council, taught at UCLA and NYU, and have run a consulting and ghostwriting company for 20 years.

I saw a deep need for writers to find a place that provided accurate, current, specific, easy-to-understand, and FREE guidance in all areas of writing and publishing.

Getting started.

Creating a story.

Staying motivated.


Finding (and keeping!) a literary agent.

Avoiding the pitfalls that harm or even destroy a writer’s career.

Understanding exactly how the New York publishing model is changing – and what it means to you.

The tools that successful writers use.

How to read books the way successful writers read – so that you can identify and use the tools they use to succeed.

That’s what you’ll find in the Books Are My Babies YouTube channel.

I’ve already put up more than 140 videos on every conceivable topic related to writing and publishing.

I hope you’ll subscribe to the site and tell your writer friends.

I hope you will make me your writing teacher!  I will be honored to share with you what I’ve learned over the last 30 years about how to make a writing career a success!

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