The Compass

A new novel of second chances by New York Times best-selling author Michael Levin

The Compass by Michael Levin

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Larry Swinler can best be described as a $@&# magnet.

He’s been through three marriages, he’s got four kids he doesn’t know, his career as a top Hollywood producer has been almost nonexistent … and he doesn’t even know it.

And yet. Beneath all of the disastrous surface stuff, Larry is a good guy. He means well. He wants to connect and succeed. He just doesn’t know how.

He’s about to find out.

Larry is all about the need we all have for second chances, for coming to terms with a past we aren’t always proud of, for finding a way when there seems to be no way.

He’s heading back East for his son’s wedding. He’s going to reconnect with his father as never before, and get to know his oldest son for the first time.

But he’s going to get a lot more than he bargained for.

We all need a compass in life. Larry is about to find his…

The Compass is a new novel by New York Times best-selling author Michael Levin, about whom The New Yorker says, “His verbal humor glistens.”