My Son, The Novelist

The Kid Who Went To The MoonSo we were headed to camp last summer and Walter, one of my two 11-year-old sons, decides he’s going to write a novel.

He worked on it for about an hour and that, I thought, was that.

He came back to it in the fall and worked on it for a half an hour here, 40 minutes there.

And then one day he told me it was done.

I read it with trepidation.

It couldn’t possibly be as good as he hoped it would be.

But to my surprise, it was.

I say this not just as a proud father but also as a writing teacher with 25 years (how’d I get that old?) of experience.

At UCLA, at NYU, around the country, around the world.

And the kid is just plain good.

I made exactly four suggestions about word choice or story issues.

I didn’t write the novel and I didn’t rewrite it. It’s Walter’s baby.

And we published it.

And I’d like you to buy it!

You can find The Kid Who Went To The Moon on Amazon and there’s more information on Walter’s new website.

You will enjoy it, and so will your kids.

If you know parents of adolescent boys, please pass this newsletter on to them.

By the way, his old man just came out with a new novel, The Compass. You can find that at Amazon.

If you have adolescent boys, don’t let them read The Compass.

I’ll tell you more about my novel next time.

For now, please support my son’s writing career. It’s a wonderful read, and if you could post an Amazon review, that would be awesome.

Am I proud? Yes. Most definitely. And you and your kids are in for a really fun read.

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