What Am I Missing?


When I teach writing, I always start off my class with this question: “What’s the one question you have that if you don’t get it answered, you’ll feel as if this whole class was a waste?” Well, I want to ask you the same thing about my YouTube channel. My goal in creating the Books […]

Overpaying High-Flying Indie Authors Fails; What Will Those Silly Major Publishers Try Next?

“Where’s my Fifty Shades of Gray?” You could hear disgruntled publishers pounding their desks from one side of Manhattan to the other. They all recognized, even though they didn’t want to put it in words, that their ability to identify the next hot book had withered. Little that they published was selling well. So they […]

The Advice Dodge: If Publishers Have Told You Once, They’ve Told You 100 Times…

Don’t let anyone tell you the book publishing industry isn’t committed to recycling.  But I don’t mean recycling rejected manuscripts or plastic water bottles or even beer cans. They’re recycling advice. In book after book after repetitious, derivative best selling book. Advice, self-help, body/mind/spirit, and even business and leadership books. All saying the same thing, […]

Why Book Publishers Hate Authors

It seems so…unliterary. But publishing houses despise authors and are doing everything they can to make their lives miserable. Here’s why. Authors are admittedly a strange lot. There’s something antisocial about retreating from life for months or years at a time, to perform the solitary act of writing a book. On top of that, authors […]